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Mike Moore

I have spent the majority of my life traveling, exploring or living in coastal locations around the world with much of that time being spent on the beach or in the water. No matter how different a place can be from the previous place there has always been one similar detail I've always enjoyed and that is being able to shower outside. Besides the convenience of being able to keep dirt and sand outside and getting clean even before you enter the house, there is something exceptionally refreshing about taking a shower outside. From the sands of the OBX to the enchanted island of Puerto Rico, almost every place we visit must have an outdoor shower as a requirement. That's when the idea came to fruition and I decided to build my own custom outdoor shower. One shower turned to two and then friends wanted them and now, years later I decided to offer these custom showers to anyone interested. I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy them as much as we have.

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